Never Too Young To Grieve

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Our specialist book supporting children under 5 after the death of a parent. 

A child’s early years are a time of development and change which helps shape the rest of their life. From newborn babies needing constant attention and care to curious children seeking new experiences, an immense amount of learning and change happen during this short period of time.

A key focus of early childhood is the relationships that children form with the important people in their lives — usually parents, carers and siblings. Most children will form a strong, secure bond with these people, which enables them to feel safe, and encourages the curiosity that helps them to explore their world.

Bereavement during a child’s early years interrupts the attachment that they have with that person. In the absence of strong memories of their own, it can be hard for a young child to remember the person who has died and to feel connected to them.

This booklet is designed for parents, carers, childcare professionals and other adults supporting children up to the age of 5 who have experienced the death of a parent or carer. It offers information and ideas as well as some activities which we hope will benefit children and their families.

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